Poor People’s Campaign Arrested While Attempting to Deliver Letters to PA-House of Representatives

Monday, June 11 marked the fifth consecutive week of nonviolent civil disobedient action with the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival at the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg. As of Monday, there have now been more than 2,000 arrests with the Poor Peoples Campaign nationwide, as the most expansive wave of nonviolent direct action in U.S. history continues to gain steam.

Photo Credit: Michael Hodgson
Organizers from ACT UP and SEIU emceed the action. Pictured: Jamaal Henderson, ACT UP Philadelphia, and Tonya Morrow, SEIU.

“I’m a single father,” said Jamaal Henderson, co-emcee of the action on Monday. “I go to school full time. I take care of kids full time, you know, I work full time, but yet I’m still struggling on a day to day basis just to make sure me and my children have what they need.”

“That’s not right!” Tonya Morrow, co-emcee added.

The rally uplifted voices of those most affected from living without a living wage, affordable housing or education.

Karriemah Harris, with Global Women’s Strike in Philadelphia. Photo credit: Michael Hodgson

“On top of being a child therapist by trade and caregiver to my teenage daughter, to the children of my partners, and my brother when he came out of prison, I’m also caregiver of my mother, who is in recovery”, said Karriemah Harris.

“Taking on this role has been exhausting and never-ending. I’m joining with the Campaign to demand that the caregiving women in particular — whether at home or in paid jobs- be recognized and given a family allowance, compensation, and a living wage.

Women spend all of their lives taking care of everyone else, and then often retire with very little, if anything.”

After the rally in the main hallway of the Capitol building, the campaign attempted to deliver letters to all members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Max Ray-Reik and Leon Tyer (right), organizers with ACT UP in Philadelphia attempts to enter the House of Representatives to deliver letters with the demands of the PPC. Tyer was both one the day’s speakers and one the moral witnesses that was arrested. Photo Credit: Michael Hodgson
8 moral witnesses sit-in in front of another entrance to the PA House of Representatives before being arrested by Capitol police. Photo Credit: Michael Hodgson
The crowd, including dozens of labor members of SEIU and United Steelworkers, sang and chanted as eight moral witnesses sat-in in front of an entrance to the House of Representatives. Photo Credit: Michael Hodgson

PA-PPC: A National Call for Moral Revival is a movement led by the poor, demanding an end to poverty, racism, militarism & ecological devastation.

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